Alliott Global Alliance reaches 200 member firm milestone

December 1, 2021

Alliott Global Alliance (‘AGA’), one of the world’s largest international multidisciplinary alliances, has recently achieved a major goal in its growth strategy by reaching the 200 member firm milestone.

The 200 firm threshold was crossed officially in early November 2021, following the appointments of new law firm members in Israel (Steinmetz, Haring, Gurman & Co.) and in the United States (Rockridge Venture Law) and increases the alliance’s global reach to 85 countries. Just three years ago, AGA comprised 145 member firms in 58 countries.

Despite the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 on international travel and in-person meetings, the alliance continued its forward momentum through 2020 and 2021, with a new strategy led by a restructured Executive Office team that included the digital transformation of key services and the rejuvenation of the ‘Alliott’ brand as Alliott Global Alliance.

Giles Brake, CEO of AGA, comments:

“AGA is the fastest-growing, multidisciplinary alliance right now. From market to market, we are attracting, and just as importantly, retaining, growing independent accounting and law firms who share our values and who value the resources we provide to their clients and to their firms. We have defied all expectations in a difficult market, and I would like to thank our Board and our Executive Office team members who are providing an outstanding service in an extremely volatile international environment. We look forward to developing our global coverage further and to achieving our vision of establishing AGA as the preferred option for international middle market companies and the professional firms who serve them.”

John Kleopas, founder of Kleopas Alliott, representative of Alliott Global Alliance in Greece and former Global Chairman of the Alliance said:

“Despite all the adversity of the last two years, the milestone of 200 member companies for Alliott Global Alliance shows its successful growth strategy. At Kleopas Alliott we are particularly pleased to be part of this great global team of professionals comprising high calibre accounting and law firms from around the world. The effective collaboration we all members have each other to provide high quality specialist cross-border services offers a unique approach to serving our clients, helping them to grow and excel in their industry.”

The alliance now brings together over 6,500 staff at 202 member firms across the world that have combined annual revenues of $740 million.

From 4-6 November, the alliance held its first regional, in-person conference in 22 months, with European members gathering in Malta. The alliance’s next meeting will be the Middle East, Africa & India Meeting in Dubai from 8-9 December, and a full programme of local, regional and international events is scheduled for 2022.


About Alliott Global Alliance

Founded in 1979, and with 200 member firms in 85 countries Alliott Global Alliance is an international alliance of independent, law, accounting, and specialist advisory firms, working across the world Together as One.

Each of our members share a common goal: to learn and share knowledge, resources, and opportunities to make the world smaller and their businesses stronger.

We work with a spirit of generosity and openness — so that together, we can continue to fulfil our ambitions, gain greater experience, and drive mutual success.

Alliott Global Alliance is expanding fast, and the alliance has its sights set firmly on growing its legal and accounting membership to 100 countries. Opportunities are available to independent professional firms in specific countries in Africa, but also in Europe, China, the ASEAN region, Australasia, the Gulf Cooperation Council region, Central and South America and in North America. For information about membership in the APAC region, contact Damien McMenamin (, Chief Growth Officer.