June 18, 2020

We inform you that according to the decision A1139 /12-6-2020 of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR), lease declaration has been subject to the following changes:

1) Property owners, whose rent value has been reduced by 40%, under the existing law provisions, must submit a “Covid Declaration” for changes in rent for the months of March, April, May and June, where applicable, until June 22nd 2020. In case no initial or amending “Property Lease Informative Declaration Statement” has been submitted electronically, it must precede the submission of the “Covid Declaration”, without imposing penalties, until June 22nd 2020, in which the details of the lease agreement are stated, as applied before the value reduction.

2) For initial or amending property lease agreements, that for any reason concerning the rent value, valid until June 12th 2020 and for which no “Property Lease Information Statement” has been submitted electronically, this declaration shall be submitted by September 30th 2020 without a penalty. This obligation also covers leases contracted before 01.01.2014, for which to the day there was no obligation to submit a “Property Lease Information Statement”. In case a lease agreement, with an electronically or Tax Office submitted  “Property Lease Information Statement ” has been terminated by June 12th 2020, the lessor is required to declare the lease termination date by September 30th 2020, otherwise the lease agreement is deemed to be in force.

3) In case of termination of the lease, the property owner is obliged to declare its termination by the end of the coming month, otherwise the lease agreement is considered to be in force.

If you are looking for practical assistance re the submission of the above statements or you need more information, please get in contact with us ASAP.