Brief Legislative Update – New Labor Law

August 5, 2021

Family protection


Paternity Leave

Each male employee shall be entitled to paid paternity leave of fourteen (14) working days. The working father should take into account the proper operation of the business and in this respect notify the employer for the estimated date of delivery.

Parental Leave

Each working parent or person exercising parental responsibility shall have an individual and non-transferable right to parental leave for the child’s upbringing lasting four (4) months, which may be used continuously or in parts until the child reaches the age of eight (8) years, to meet the minimum upbringing obligations to it.

Caregiver Leave

Every employee who has completed six (6) months of continued or successive fixed-term employment contracts shall be entitled to five (5) days of paid leave. This concerns the care of a person who is in great need for care or support for serious medical reasons.

Absence for reasons of force majeure

The working parent or carer shall be entitled to paid leave for up to two (2) times a year, with a duration of up to one (1) working day per time, for reasons of force majeure, which require the imminent presence of the employee, either due to urgent family matters or in case of sickness or accident.

Flexible work provisions

Each working parent of children up to twelve (12) years of age or carer is entitled to request flexible working arrangements for care purposes such as remote working, flexible working time or part-time employment.

Working Time Limits

The possibility of regulating working time is introduced. The average weekly working time should be 40 hours. A new regime for overtime and annual leave is also introduced.


The division, in relation to the deadline for termination of contract, between salaried employees and daily workers is abolished.

Remote Work

Remote work arrangements have been introduced and are already implemented.

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