Changes in the ERGANI Information system from September 13,2017

April 4, 2018

The identity card or other identification document is obligatory for the employee in the workplace if it is requested during control by labor inspectors of the Hellenic Labour Inspectorate. The penalties for violations of labor law are imposed to the employer and to third parties who deny the entrance and the access or the provision of data or information to the Hellenic Labour Inspectorate during the inspection.

The employer is obliged to announce by electronic submission the relevant forms in the information system “ERGANI” at any case of voluntary termination of an employee or termination of an employment contract of indefinite duration or termination of a fixed-term contact or work contract not later than 4 working days from the date of the employee’s withdrawal termination of the contract of indefinite duration or termination of the fixed-term contract or work respectively.

Employers are required to provide workers with a copy of the staff statement or a snippet of it when they work outside the headquarter or branch of the firm.