Classes of Fiscal E-books

October 30, 2019

Two classes of fiscal e-books will be included in the “myData” platform of the Independent Public Revenue Office.

  1. The Detailed Records Book, that will briefly record the business income / expense statements, categorization of the transactions and registration of the necessary accounting entries that will determine the accounting and tax results for each year.
  2. The Summary Book, that will summarize the results of each business (the difference between income and expenses) on a monthly and yearly basis.

In both books the summary of the documents will be standardized and it will include counterparty information, values, taxes, etc., without distinguishing goods and services.

For each successful transmission of standard documents’ data to the Detailed Records Book a Unique Registration Number (MARK) will be assigned, regardless of the transmission method. Then the Details and Summary Book will be updated automatically for each business, regardless of the accounting system (simplified – double entry).

The deadline for transmission of the standard document data is likely to be the 20th day of the VAT filing month for each business.