COVID-19: EXPANSION of the new measures for the support of employees and businesses

November 6, 2020

Please be advised that employees and business support measures for which we informed you on 02/11/2020 are expanding nationwide, as follows:

1. From November, landlords who rent property will not be offsetting 1/2 of their loss against tax liability, as was the case, but the sum will be paid directly to beneficiaries and credited into their bank accounts.

2. Businesses that are closed by a public authority mandate are entitled to participate in the “Refundable Advance” scheme, regardless of their turnover, while they receive a minimum of €2.000 aid.

3. The special purpose compensation that the suspended employees will get for November increases to €800 on a 30-days’ basis from €534.

All other topics included in our update of 2/11/2020 remain unchanged. Please see here:

Should you need more information or our assistance please contact us immediately.