Covid-19: Postponement of Social Security duties payment

March 27, 2020

On the basis of the newest resolution no. Δ.15/Δ’/οικ. 13226/325 published yesterday 26.3.20, businesses that:

(a) employ personnel who are remunerated by wages or salaries, by employment relationship of indefinite or part-time private law, under full-time, part-time or rotating employment and

(b) have an active, principal activity code on 20.03.2020, referring to affected or suspended businesses,

have the ability to postpone the payment of the current social security contributions of February and March 2020 which are due by 31.3.2020 and 30.4.2020 accordingly, up to 30.9.2020 and 31.10.2020 accordingly, without being imposed with interests and other increases during this period due to late payment.

For the same businesses, the 31.3.2020 deadline for payment of settlement dues etc., as well as the deadline for all subsequent monthly installments of each settlement, are extended by 3 months. No additional charges, interest and other surcharges shall be calculated during the period of extension of payments.