Employee remuneration on Ash Monday

February 7, 2019

The Ash Monday holiday is not included in compulsory holidays for those working in the private sector. Therefore, for those people, it is a normal business day, without any additional remuneration or day of rest.

For a part of private sector employees, Clean Monday was established as an additional holiday, under the relative Collective Agreements. With the abolition of the CAs and without the signing of new ones, it is doubtful whether it will continue to be in force for what is being done for that holiday.

It seems that customary law is what determines what a business will do.

So, if a business is not working by tradition, those paid on wage basis will not receive anything, while those paid on monthly salary basis will receive their normal salary. If the business operates normally on this day, every year, then all employees will receive what their normal salary.

Respectively, if a business is not traditionally operating on this specific day, but this year it was decided to work, then workers will receive the usual daily wage, while those paid with a monthly salary are entitled to receive 1/25 of their salary in addition, provided they will be working on the normal tome table.

On the other hand, if a company traditionally operates each year, but this year it has been decided not to work, both paid on either wage or salary basis will be paid as usually happens.

We would like to clarify that the Ash Monday is a public holiday, for the Civil Servants, the employees of the Local Authorities, as well as the employees of the other Governmental legal entities.