New advisory Strategic Planning and Business Development services

February 3, 2021

Marking the anniversary of its thirty years of successful course in the Greek market, our firm develops and expands its range of services, to offer strategic planning.

Our cooperation with ALX Hellas, a business consulting company and official representative of the Hungarian National Export Promotion Agency (HEPA) in Greece, enables us to offer a comprehensive consulting services package to businesses.

Kleopas Alliott and ALX Hellas, two firms with deep knowledge and experience in both commercial and industrial sectors, as well as services, aim at offering custom made, integrated strategic and development plans for their clients.

In particular, we are moving on to a rationalisation of the operation of the business, preparing and applying a working plan with a clear description of the time, quantitative and qualitative expectations of each part of the company and its executives. We identify potential business risks and propose a series of actions to prevent them. We assess the structure and competence of the company’s executives in relation to its needs and implement a plan for the organisation and development of staff skills.

We also undertake the strategic planning and the preparation of a development plan so that the enterprise can make use of appropriate funding, interests and acquisitions that can be valuable for its development. We determine the future value of the business or project, in order to exploit purchase, selling or collaboration opportunities with similar or complementary activities.

In addition, based on international standards, the necessary steps of a business proposal to attract investors are being prepared. Furthermore, the viability and development of the company are analyzed, and in the case of entry of a new generation to the administration, the succession planning is organised.