Notice for new aid cycle for General Entrepreneurship under the 4399/2016 development law

October 2, 2020

The aid is addressed to all businesses, regardless of size, experience and legal form, (existing or under formation) and the relevant investment plans should be submitted for evaluation by October 30, 2020.

Provided aid types are: a) tax exemption, b) subsidy of 70% of the amount of grant provided c) leasing subsidy, d) salary cost, (conditions are applicable).

Eligible costs concern: a) building and landscaping, machinery, other equipment, intangible costs, salary costs, b) studies and fees of SME consultants and c) start-up costs for small and very small businesses which are under formation, up to the amount set for any expense category.

The maximum subsidy amount for each project is € 10,000,000. The balance (up to the amount of the investment) can be covered either by equity, or by external financing or by a combination of the two.

Applications are evaluated comparatively, focusing on specialized staff and specific characteristics of the business such as innovation, extroversion and area of ​​establishment. All proposals that receive the minimum acceptable score are funded.