Our colleague Dryopi Kovani participated in the Staff Training in Barcelona

July 27, 2022

Younger professionals from Alliott Global Alliance (‘AGA’) member firms met in person In previous month for the 2022 Future Leaders event in Barcelona. Our colleague Dryopi Kovani had the opportunity to travel to the Spanish city and participate in the program representing our company.

Ambitious attendees from 12 countries enjoyed a successful programme of learning, practical business sessions, networking and social activities to help instil the core leadership traits they need to drive commercial success within their firms.

Taking place annually, this practical 1.5-day bespoke staff training is designed to expose delegates to the benefits of AGA, build high level leadership skills, and develop an effective and interactive international peer group for the potential future leaders of AGA’s law, accounting and specialist advisory firms.

The conference commenced with a welcome by Maria Zabala, EMEA Chair and Partner at AGA member firm in Spain, Abbantia Law Firm, and Sophia Rook-Blackstone, AGA’s Membership Growth Manager.

Leadership coaches Joanna Keeling and Elisabet Vinberg Hearn then proceeded to facilitate the first of their interactive sessions which focused on presentation and influencing skills, highlighting the requirement to plan and deliver with ease.

Day two commenced with a practical workshop on how to develop a personal brand with impact, including tips to building a personal brand, how to best communicate ideas and objectives and understanding the drivers for motivation and resilience in the work place.

Further sessions focused on leading with impact, including how to inspire and motivate others, how to be visible, approachable and in control and how to build an internal network and work cohesively and collaboatively with others. The programme concluded with top tips on how to use external and internal networks to drive commercial success and remote networking.

The conference’s business sessions were interspersed with unique opportunities to network and experience the hospitality on offer in the historical city of Barcelona.

Giles Brake, CEO of Alliott Global Alliance commented:

“Ensuring the next generation of leaders has access to the skills needed to transition to more senior roles at their firms is one of our main concerns, so it is good that so many ambitious and proactive rising stars joined us at our training event.