Social Security Number (SSN) for citizens of European Union countries

September 30, 2019

Pursuant to the Presidential Decree 106/2007 on “Freedom of Movement and Residence in the Greek Territory of the Citizens of the European Union and Members of their Families” and in particular the provisions of Article 8 thereof provide that, “Citizens of the EU who are intended to stay in Greece for a period exceeding three months from the date of their arrival are required, before the end of the 3rd month, to appear in person before the foreign police authorities responsible for handling foreign citizens cases for registration. The police authorities are proceeding the relevant registration and immediately provide a certificate, indicating the name and address of the subscriber and the date of registration.”

In order to be granted a registration certificate by the police, the conditions laid down in article 7 par. 1 of the above PD 106/2007 are fulfilled, according to which EU citizens are entitled to permanent and legal residence in Greece for a period longer than three months if:

(a) They are employed or engaged in an independent business activity; or

(b) They have adequate resources for themselves and their family members – in accordance with Article 8, par., 8 of the PD 106/2007, so as not to burden the social security system of the country during their period of residence – as well as full health insurance coverage.

Citizens of EU Member States who are temporarily resident in Greece and who are not obliged to insure the E.F.K.A, must have the European Health Insurance Card, which provides access to necessary medically national health care during their temporary stay in the country, at the expense of the respective national health provider of the country of origin.